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Some of the services Cube Group Events offers


Event Production

From the management of your providers to your speakers’ itineraries, event staff hiring, all the way to post event meetings with all stakeholders. We handle all aspects of the event production so you can relax on the BIG day and pay attention to what really matters, your clients.

Creative and Technical Management

With the design of your event’s identity and helping you further developing your concept, we construct your attendee’s experience from the ground up. Our creative team will help you in those mental blocks with the latest tools in event management and design. From 3D renders to better visualize the experience of what’s going to happen on the day of the event to audiovisual content creation, we’ll provide you with a stress-free experience.

Event Management and Execution

Making sure setup deadlines are met, speakers can practice, and sponsors are offered the best support in the building of their exhibitors, are some of the elements every event must include in their production rundown to make a flawless experience. Our production process is designed to not let any of those details slip. Working alongside our expert team oriented on customer service we’ll make sure to over deliver on your expectations.

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