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Proprietary & Client Events, Collaborations and more..


The "Boricua Emprende Fest" is an event born after Hurricane María to celebrate Puerto Rican entrepreneurs.


The ​FCCA ​Conference ​is ​a four-day ​event ​designed ​to ​foster ​a ​better ​understanding ​of ​the ​inner ​workings ​of ​the ​cruise ​industry and help attendees improve their cruise tourism business. 

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Endeavor transforms the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Puerto Rico by inserting founders into a global community of high-impact entrepreneurs that is driving innovation-based economic development across borders.

Founded in 2011 the Coffee & Chocolate Expo continues to be the largest gathering of these two industries in the Caribbean, with over 150 vendors and 17,000 attendees yearly.


The CIO & IT Leadership Conference is the opportunity for Puerto Rico’s private and public sector leaders to engage in an important direction-setting dialogue on the role of IT as a principal engine of innovation and economic development for the Island.

The Healthcare Innovation Summit is a conference designed to serve as the leading platform for dialogue related to healthcare innovation in Puerto Rico. It gathers key stakeholders to share the value of data and technology innovations on healthcare systems.


The New Era of Public Health: Challenges, Contributions, and Trends after COVID-19. Virtual Event. 

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Evento estratégico que reúne líderes de Comités de Emergencias de los Centros de Salud Primaria 330 en Puerto Rico para el continuo posicionamiento, desarrollo y preparación en emergencias

Cumbre de Líderes Educativos 2021 - logo.png

La Cumbre de Líderes Educativos es la antesala a un inicio escolar distinto y motivador donde se espera ofrecer una capacitación profesional de alta calidad atemperada a los retos actuales y los que nos presentó un año académico con la pandemia del COVID-19.


It seeks to bring together professionals interested in public health and vector control, reinforce knowledge about the control of the Aedes aegypti mosquito and be at the forefront of a dengue outbreak. Virtual Event.

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