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Your one-stop shop for all your event registration needs

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Our Clients

We take care of the entire process

Our Secret Sauce

The combination of our event specialized software, state of the art equipment, and our detail-driven team, make for a flawless  Event Registration Service.

Registration Platform Design

Programming of custom registration forms and landing pages such as Eventbrite®

Fast Check-In

Scan QR Codes from platforms such as Eventbrite® for fast access to your event.

On-site Badge Printing

Customizable label printing. Display your event branding, attendee information or event itinerary. Get check-in notifications in real time via e-mail and SMS messages when guests arrive.

Self Check-In

Give your attendees the ability to check-in themselves specially during busy times. Customize the design and experience of the self-service kiosk mode, badge printing, and endless check-in options to gain marketing ROI.

Multi-Session Tracking & Live Reports

Give you attendees the power to register to workshops or sessions they want to attend. Keep track of popular sessions for better future planning without worrying about overlapping schedules.

Lead Retrieval

Networking has never been easier! Allow exhibitors to digitally collect contact information and generate leads at your event all in the palm of their hands.

Certificate Generation

Send certificates through our software to acknowledge attendee-earned hours for Continuing Educations Units across various industries.

Signature Collection

Request signatures from attendees for various documents or to validate their data.

Attendee Connections

Stay in touch with your attendees before, during and after the event.

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